Book Review of 'A Kind of Mirraculas Paradise: a True Story of Schizophrenia' by Sandra Allen

Book Review of ‘A Kind of Mirraculas Paradise: a True Story of Schizophrenia’ by Sandra Allen

Review by Jessica Pons, ISPS UK member Her family cast Uncle Bob as a drug abusing, ‘crazy’ misfit. After reading his life story (after he hounds her to try and get it published), Sandra questions this stereotype she’s learnt to accept and begins a journey of getting to know her uncle for herself. Through reading […]

Book Review of 'Emily's Voices' by Emily Knoll

Book Review of ‘Emily’s Voices’ by Emily Knoll

Review by Lucy Fernandes I have oftentimes found solace and a sense of connection in other people’s memoirs, which is why I read ‘Emily’s Voices’, a memoir by Emily Knoll which was published recently by Amazon. It feels important to me, in light of the Hearing Voices Approach, that a voice hearer has taken the […]

Good Enough Psychiatry Reviews

Reviews from our recent day conference around the theme of “What makes psychiatrists effective for people who experience psychosis? Nigel Bunker – “The importance of embracing the “bleeding obvious”” Michelle Evison (ST6 Psychotherapy)  

Successful and Schizophrenic

An interesting read – Successful and Schizophrenic recently posted in the USA

Unimaginable Storms: Continuing to think psychodynamically about psychosis in the NHS (A tribute to the late Dr Murray Jackson)

This day conference at the Institute of Psychiatry was aiming both to reflect on the work and life of Murray Jackson, and to consider how this bears on current thinking and practice about psychosis in the NHS. In advance I wasn’t sure how far this would be achievable, so it was particularly uplifting to see […]

“Changing Realities: New developments in psychological approaches to psychosis”

Our residential conference took place in Birmingham from 2nd-3rd October 2012. Themes included; Therapies, Service User and Carer Initiatives and Therapeutic Services (with topics including; mentalisation and psychosis, arts based therapies, contemporary psychodynamic approaches, compassion based therapy, need adapted treatment, working with dissociation and trauma, new developments in CBT, service user perspectives on therapy, working […]

A Carer by Jen Kilyon

I care about hope, respect and meaning Not labels that define, confine then consign I care about trust – the real foundation of your work Not suspicion that clouds our thoughts and breeds paranoia Nor fear that limits our imagination and destroys our dreams I care about power and how it’s used The power of […]

The future of psychosis service: What matters most to service users?

It was an interesting evening, if a bit cold in the Friend’s Meeting House at Preston on the 6th February. About 30 ISPS members and friends met to hear Neil Caton and Jen Kenyon talk about their experiences of psychosis services. Following introduction from Alison Summers, deputy chair of ISPSUK and a consultant psychiatrist in […]