Top Up Your 2018 Membership Fee

Since our membership fees changed in 2016, those of you who paid their membership in advance before this increase are able to use this page to top up your fee.

If this applies to you, Ali will already have been in touch to explain how much you need to pay to top up your membership. You can use this form to pay the additional fee using PayPal, a credit or a debit card.

If you are not sure if this applies to you, or are not sure how much you need to top up by, please email our administrator at to check.

Thanks for your help!

Top Up Your 2018 Membership Online

    If you tick this box we will share your e-mail address with ISPS UK members from your local area to help you connect with members that area nearby. Some members have told us that they feel isolated and would appreciate the chance to develop local networks for sharing ideas and developing local initiatives.
    Choose the amount you need to pay in order to top up your membership fee for 2018. If you are not sure how much this is, please contact our administrator (
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  • ISPS UK will only use its membership database for the purpose of informing members about ISPS and related activities. ISPS UK will not copy, sell or disclose information in its database to any organisation outside ISPS without seeking written permission from the member(s) concerned.

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