Email Discussion Group

We are making a change to the ISPS-UK on-line discussion group, swapping from the old vehicle of Yahoo to Google.

The reason for this is that the Yahoo group was actively moderated by Chris Burford, who sadly died nearly two years ago, and since that time it has not been moderated at all. Although this has not presented urgent problems so far, it could do so in future (for example, if someone became abusive, or tried to exploit the group as an opportunity to plug commercial or even fraudulent services).

The ISPS-UK committee has therefore decided to stop using the Yahoo group as from now, and instead decamp to a new Google group, which will be administered by Ali Haddock (the ISPS-UK administrator), and moderated by two members of the ISPS-UK Committee, Vasilios Magalios and Nigel Bunker).

All you need to do to join the new group is log into your Google account or create a Google account by clicking here, then here and register (if you have any difficulties, please contact Ali Haddock, our Administrator

We’ll look forward to being in touch with you in the new group.

Ali Haddock, Nigel Bunker, Vasilios Magalios