Personal Experiences of Therapy

This section shares a range of personal experiences. In keeping with ISPS UK’s inclusive remit, we are interested in people’s experiences of psychological and social approaches to psychosis – whether they themselves have experienced psychosis, stood alongside a friend or family member who experienced psychosis or worked alongside someone with psychosis as a professional supporter/therapist.

As this part of our website grows, it will include a diverse range of views. Sometimes these views will seemingly contradict each other, offering different perspectives challenging us to make our own minds up about what we find helpful or unhelpful in our own lives or work. We embrace these differences – however, it’s important to say that the views expressed by contributors featured in this section do not necessarily reflect the views and values of the ISPS UK Executive Committee.

If you would like to contribute an experience, please email

  • Personal Experience of ‘Psychosis’ and related experiences
  • Personal Experience of Having Therapy
  • Personal Experience of Providing Therapy

For more personal experiences, see:

Experiencing Psychosis – Personal and Professional Perspectives (Routledge, 2011)

The Center Cannot Hold – Elen Saks (Virago, 2008)