Group Psychotherapy

Group therapy has a number of advantages and some disadvantages compared with individual therapy. Advantages are that you benefit from hearing about other people’s experiences and what has helped them, you can speak or stay in the background as you prefer, you can get support and understanding from people who have been in the same boat as you, and you can feel useful and valued by others from sharing your own views and experiences.

Disadvantages are that you don’t have the undivided attention of the therapist(s) if you need or want that, and if you are feeling paranoid you may get anxious about what the other members of the group are thinking – though if you can stick it out you will probably find they are friendly and want to help.

Groups come in all shapes and sizes, from short term (6-10 sessions) with practical advice and exercises, to longer term (30+ sessions) where members can get to know and trust each other over time. The above notes are a general guide, the actual experience depends on the therapist(s) and members of a particular group.