Help and Advice Section

The following section contains advice to help support individuals finding their way in the current health care system. This section is divided in useful sites and links to be able to contact the right professional or organizations and links to documents that might be useful in your search for help. If the following section doesn’t provide you with the information you seek or you seem to be having difficulties navigating, please contact

The following professionals or organizations can be helpful to you:

  • If you haven’t already consulted your GP, it would be worth talking to them about the problem and what options for help are available through the NHS.
  • You can find information about how to locate an accredited individual, group or family therapist on the websites of the British Psychoanalytic Council, the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy, British Psychological Society, The Institute of Group Analysis or the Register of CBT therapists.  In looking for a therapist, it would be worth thinking about what kind of therapy you or your friend or relative might need, and about whether the therapist has experience of working with people with similar problems. It would be worth meeting with the therapist you are considering, to see if you feel you could work with them.
  • Though not only concerned with mental health, Carers UK may be a good sources of advice and support (website and discussion forum)
  • If you are an ISPS member you may want to post your query on the ISPS UK e-mail list, as members of the list may wish to respond as individuals.

The following documents could be of use to your search:

  • The document Understanding psychosis and schizophrenia provides lots of information about psychosis and is downloadable free of charge here. At the end of this document there is an extensive section on useful books and websites. This includes websites for organizations offering peer support such as the Hearing Voices Network and Paranoia network, which many people find helpful.
  • There is an equivalent document Understanding bipolar disorder also available here.
  • It might be beneficial to you to have a look at our useful links section.

The following ISPS members might be of help to you:

The following members of ISPS UK are willing to be contacted directly and come and talk to help people learn about psychosis. Other speakers may also be available through our Administrator. Please contact Ali Haddock for further information

London and South East

Sarah Madders

I am based in London and the East of England and currently training in clinical psychology. Please contact me through

Clive Travis

I became ill with paranoid schizophrenia in 1994, which I battled purposefully for 10 years. In 2004 I finally found a medication which I was happy to take voluntarily and this has enabled me to re-establish myself in the health and social care industry as an “expert patient”, for example as a member of the XbX (Experts by Experience) group at the University of Bedfordshire where I am currently chair. I am eager to push the agenda for psychological treatments whilst keeping mentally and physically fit, by my role in the expert patient arena and by marathon running.

South West

Andy James

Team Manager, Early Intervention for Psychosis Team Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust


Claire Seddon (

I’m happy to link in with requests around training/education about psychosis. Within our trust a board game has been developed to engage younger people in conversations about psychosis. We are involved in a programme of providing education in local schools.