Re-visioning Mental Health Through Coproduction

A joint conference of ISPS-UK and PCMH* Faculty

BPS OFFICES, 30 Tabernacle Street, LONDON EC2A 4UE

10/05/2016 – 09:0016:30

Coproduction takes collaboration between experts by experience and experts by training as the basis for re-visioning a modern mental health service. This conference explores how coproduction works and supports recovery through a range of collaborative decision making and planning activities. Sessions will include organizational challenges, the experience of setting up and running recovery colleges, AIMS inpatient accreditation and the role of peer support worker.

Co-developed and co-delivered with experts by experience with a programme to illustrate how co-production is beginning to change the way mental health services are designed, evaluated and delivered:


Jed Boardman – IMROC: How co-production is core to recovery

Natalie Tobert – Re-visioning Mental Health

Peer support workers and recovery colleges: challenges and triumphs

Recovery Colleges: Implementing collaborative change, the journey so far

Booking lines now open through the BPS website, please follow this link.

* PCMH: Psychosis and Complex Mental Health