ISPS UK Conference Bursary Fund

Rainbow of handsISPS UK is committed to increasing the accessibility of our conferences to people with personal experiences of psychosis (either themselves or a family member). As well as offering reduced price places, we also offer a limited number of free bursary places to those ISPS UK members with personal experience of psychosis who are on a low wage (<£12K).

This is an important initiative because it benefits those who use the bursary places and ISPS UK as a whole. The greater diversity we can achieve in our conferences, the more useful and relevant our events will be to all.

However, we are a small charity and funds are tight. In order to offer these bursary places we really need your help. If you have the funds, we would appreciate any donation towards the bursary fund to help pay for the place of someone with personal experience of psychosis at our conferences.

This is especially helpful for our residential and international conferences as, although we try to keep costs as low as possible, it can still be too expensive for those on an extremely tight budget.

If you’d like to ask more about this initiative, and how we use the bursary places, just e-mail and we’ll be happy to explain more.

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