Local Groups

ISPS UK has local networks in many parts of the UK – we are aiming to have them in all parts. Local networks operate in different ways, but usually they arrange meetings where members can get together, either with an invited speaker or to share members’ own experiences. Most meetings are open to professionals, service users and carers, and welcome non-members as well. A few are more specialised – e.g. reflective practice, research planning.

This page shows the contact persons/convenors for the local ISPS UK networks, and announcements of meetings or other events that have been arranged. (Convenors should send info on forthcoming events to Catherine Stone at admin@ispsuk.org ) As the website develops, local networks will be able to use it to let members know what they are doing, and members will be able to use it to find out what’s going on locally.

If in doubt, please make contact with your local contact person, who will be greatly encouraged to hear from you.


Contact Person: Stephanie Allan in Glasgow. Stephanie.Allan@glasgow.ac.uk


Contact Person: Bill McGowan in Brighton. wmcg50@gmail.com