Help and advice

The following section contains advice to help support individuals finding their way in the current health care system. This section is divided in useful sites and links to be able to contact the right professional or organizations and links to documents that might be useful in your search for help. If the following section doesn’t provide you with the information you seek or you seem to be having difficulties navigating, please contact

The following professionals or organisations can be helpful to you:

The following resources could be of use to your search:

  • Understanding Voices is a comprehensive website which brings together information about different approaches to voice-hearing and ways of supporting those who are struggling with the the voices they hear.
  • The British Psychological Society report Understanding psychosis and schizophrenia provides lots of information about psychosis and is downloadable free of charge here. At the end of this document there is an extensive section on useful books and websites. There is an equivalent document Understanding bipolar disorder also available here.
  • The Hearing Voices Network provides information on peer support for people who hear voices, including a directory of hearing voices peer support groups in England.
  • It might be beneficial to you to have a look at our useful links section.