Love, Patience and Kindness: Working in Different Ways with ‘Psychosis’ (12 September 2023, 9.30–4pm)

The aim is to explore how we can support each other to improve services and experience across sectors, with a dialogue between people with experience of psychosis, their families and networks, and those working with them in all kinds of different settings, such as community projects, mental health services, charities, individual therapists.

An innovation and exploration event from the Psychosis Health Integration Team, in partnership with the International Society for Psychological and Social Approaches to Psychosis UK, and Bristol Hearing Voices Network. Supported by Bristol Health Partners, Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire Integrated Care Board, the Elizabeth Blackwell Institute, and ISPS UK. 

We will hear from people with different perspectives on working with ‘psychosis’, including:

Jacqui Dillon – Writer, Activist and Consultant 

Dorothee Bonnigal-Katz – Founder and Clinical Director of the Psychosis Therapy Project 

James Robinson – Peer Support Worker, Bristol Early Intervention in Psychosis Team, Co-Director Bristol Psychosis Health Integration Team (HIT) 

Jess Pons – ISPS UK Trustee, Psychotherapist, and project manager for a racial justice and mental health programme hosted by National Survivor User Network (NSUN) 

Conor McCormack – Bristol Psychoanalyst in private practice

Hanna Van Der Woude – NHS Clinical Psychologist, Training Lead for Psychosis 

Simon Downer – NHS Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist, ISPS UK Trustee and Co-Director Bristol Psychosis HIT 

The current discourse in psychiatry and mental health creates groups of those who are mentally ill and those who are mentally healthy. It defines ‘recovery’ from psychosis as a reinsertion or reintegration into mainstream society. Psychotic ‘patients’ are seen as faulty in some way, and those from whom others (the healthy) need protection.

This conference will speak to a different narrative: that life itself is problematic, and we are all finding our own solutions to that. We hope to begin a dialogue that allows ‘psychosis’, and the ways that people experience that, to be seen as a particular way of negotiating life. We will hear each other’s voices, and put ourselves in a position of trying to understand.

In this creative and interactive conference, we will be able to consider how we might build networks to support and learn from each other.

Register here: ‘Love, Patience and Kindness: Working in Different Ways with Psychosis’ Conference Tickets, Tue 12 Sept 2023 at 9:30 | Eventbrite 

Download: Love, Patience and Kindness – conference flyer