ISPS Executive Committee Elections – vote by 17th July


ISPS Executive Committee Election (2019-2022)

All ISPS members are encouraged to vote in this election.  The closing date is 17 July and votes must be received by midnight Central European Time.  The 8 nominees with the most vosts will be elected.

All fee paying members of ISPS are eligible to vote.  For enquiries please contact


Ludi van Bouwel (Belgium)

 Cecilie Brøvig Almås (Norway)

 Melissa Connell (Australia)

 Michael Garrett (USA)

 Marjaana Karjalainen (Finland)

 Jen Kilyon (UK)

 Julie Kipp (USA)

 Debra Lampshire (New Zealand)

 Anna Lavis (UK)

 Margreet de Pater (Netherlands)

 Dag Söderström (Switzerland)

 Pat Wright (USA)