Free resource on healing psychological trauma

A new, free-to-use guide to the healing of psychological trauma is available to download. It comprises information, approaches to healing and resources together with links to selected clinicians, organisations, projects and support groups. It is designed to make a useful contribution within the developing field of trauma-informed services to the training and support of staff across a range of institutions whose work can be impacted by trauma, and via self-help material, to trauma sufferers themselves.

It is the outcome of a collaborative research project coordinated by Ann Jordan (educator, social justice campaigner and researcher) which aims to address some of the failings of current treatments of psychological trauma. Various members of ISPS have offered advice and guidance, and the resource is very much seen as one of the ways in which the 2017 Liverpool conference can be taken forward.

“It offers some viable alternatives to the predominantly biomedical model,” explains Ann. “The focus is on actual healing v. treatment. This compilation is not prescriptive or exhaustive; there is plenty of scope for development and further research findings will be incorporated.”

You can download the pdf here: Healing Psychological Trauma.